Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Friends, More Enemies

3pm has made a few people out there quite angry these days. Apparently angry enough to get my Google AdSense account disabled. Shortly after I get the email notice from Google about my account, I get two emails from two (different?) people claiming responsibility for the act. I'd present the messages here, but there's about as much non-vulgar content in them as there are ads on my sites at the moment.

Never the less, the reasoning I got out of the pretty nasty emails is that the person(s) racked up a pretty hefty web host bill because of 3pm's direct linking to mp3 files on their company's site. However, it was the second email that raised a bit of suspicion about who I was dealing with. I got the feeling that this was more of a competitor that was frustrated that they were loosing revenue due to our apparent popularity.

Now, I don't have a problem with individuals requesting links removed from 3pm, and we've been quite responsive in taking down unwanted links to mp3 files in the past. But when it comes to being bullied by competing services, through malicious attacks on our modes earning a little change now and then, we draw the line. Needless to say, we're moving to a donation-based system for 3pm and 3pm Overdose from here on out, and we'll give Google all the information necessary to settle the AdSense situation.

So on a more humble note, I'd like to thank everyone for all the support you've given us as we've grown. We can't thank you all enough for the submitted links, suggestions, and comments we have received. Keep them coming. We hope you continue to enjoy the 3pm experience...

...There's more music on the way.

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